1stFlip Digital Yearbook Creator

Want to create an outstanding yearbook? 1stFlip allows you to design, create and publish amazing digital yearbook from PDF file and share on social websites, distribute online and offline.

  • Convert PDF to online yearbooks with page turn effect.
  • Simulate physical yearbooks with page turn animations.
  • Add video, music to enrich yearbook content.
  • Great look on any device, mobile or desktop.
  • Share as links or embed into website.
  • Publish your yearbooks online to 1stFlip Cloud-based server.
  • Allow readers to searching, select and copy&paste yearbook content.

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How to create digital yearbook with 1stFlip


add music to digital publication

Import PDF/images or start from scratch

Download, install and run 1stFlip Yearbook Creator on your Mac or Windows.

Upload a PDF file or images and 1stFlip will convert it into digital yearbook with page flipping effect immediately. 


Customize yearbook

Choose from professionally designed templates to customize your yearbook. Change background image to dynamic scenes or add your own background image. Add your logo, background music, change button style, enable/disable certain buttons.

add video

add music to digital publication

Add Interactive Elements

Add any YouTube, Vimeo, or your own videos to further captivate your audience. Add background music or add music to certain page.

Publish online/offline yearbook

Upload the digital yearbook to 1stFlip server or your domain. Embed your publication into websites and blogs. Track and measure every digital yearbook you create.

add image to digital publication

Create online yearbook from PDF or start from scratch

It’s really easy to create your own yearbook with 1stFlip Flipbook Creator. Import your PDF or photos and choose a free template.

Or open page editor and create your yearbook from scratch.

customize digital yearbook

digital yearbook with multimedia

Interactive yearbook with multimedia

You must have a lot of interesting videos or audios, you can add them to your yearbook. You can also add background music to make your yearbook more lively.

Read more about how to insert local, YouTube and Vimeo videos directly in your yearbook.

Access online yearbook anywhere

Once you are satisfied with the yearbook design, you can upload it to 1stFlip web hosting or your own website. Share it via email or to your social networks. You can also embed it to your webpage or blog. Enable download and print option if you allow readers to do the operation. To protect privacy, you also have the option to add password to your yearbook.

online digital yearbook maker

mobile friendly HTML5 yearbook

Looks perfect on tablet and mobile

Based on HTML5, online yearbook created by 1stFlip are mobile friendly and looks perfect on any tablet and mobile devices with sleek page flip effect.

Save yearbook to local

More publish options for you to choose. Publish offline yearbook as html, zip, app or exe. Or publish as WordPress plugin, Joomla module, Drupla module and install on your website.

create yearbook APP/EXE

online yearbook protection

Privacy protection

If you don't want unknown people to access your yearbook, add password to protect your content. Password can be applied to all pages or designated pages of your yearbook.

Free yearbook templates

1stFlip offers many pre-designed templates for high school yearbook, college yearbook or even a company yearbook. You can also customize the templates to fit your needs. 

free yearbook template

Social sharing

Share your digital yearbook on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Embed yearbook to webpage/blog

Embed digital yearbook into your website/blog with the provided embed code.


Enable readers to download your yearbook as a PDF or print it.

Enable SEO

Create search engine optimized html version to drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines.