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1stFlip ebook creator allows you to convert static PDF document into interactive HTML5 eBook to sell on your website, share to social media or sent via email. Create your own ebook with realistic page flipping animation, background music, embedded video music, password, etc.

  • Create and publish online eBook with page flipping animation.
  • Convert PDF to HTML5 eBook compatible with all browser.
  • Edit eBook content with line, shape, callout, text, image, GIF, music, video, YouTube video, button and number icon.
  • Responsive eBook displays perfectly on desktop and mobile.
  • Publish offline interactive eBook in 4 formats: html, zip, app and exe.
  • Publish online eBook to your own website/blog or 1stFlip server.
  • Support searching, select and copy&paste eBook content.
  • Organize all uploaded eBooks with the Book Management.

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Online eBook demos created by eBook software

page flipping eBook


eBooks with realistic page turning effect

1stFlip eBook Creator converts PDF to eBook with realistic flipping page effect. It makes readers feel like reading a printed book. Your eBooks can be accessed on all devices and web browsers.

online page flipping eBook

page flipping eBook with rich media

Media-rich eBooks

1stFlip eBook software allows you to convert PDF into media-rich eBooks. You can add multimedia elements such as link, button, video, YouTube video, Vimeo video, audio, background music, etc. to your eBook.

Publish and share interactive eBooks online

Publish and securely distribute your eBooks on your website, 1stFlip cloud-based content platform, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Embed eBook to your webpage/blog. Share the online eBook url via email or anywhere you want.

publish and securely distribute ebooks

HTML5 page flipping eBook

Mobile-friendly HTML5 eBooks

Convert PDF to eBook in the mobile-friendly HTML5 format. This is now the most widely accepted format to create digital content because of its cross-platform compatibility and ability to provide multimedia support and hyperlink content to both internal and external sources. The format can be accessed across devices such as eReaders, tablets, and smartphones.

Design and publish eBook with

Direct link

The simplest way to share your ebook is via a direct link.


Add a clickable logo to drive more traffic back to your website.


Professionally-designed and customizable templates, scenes, backgrounds and buttons.

Enable SEO

Add title, description and enable SEO for better search result ranking.

Embed on Your Website

Embed eBook to your website or blog.

Social Sharing

Share your eBook on social media such as Facebook, Twitter with a neat preview.


Create interactive eBook with videos, music, photos or other animated elements.


Enable/disable readers to download or print your eBook as PDF.

Google Analytics Integration

Get even more detail on how readers find and use your eBooks by integrating Google Analytics.

Preview Mode

Leave a few pages public for readers to preview your eBook.